Shock Tech

Award Winning Solutions for Shock, Vibration and Noise Control

Shock Tech designs, manufactures and tests shock attenuation and vibration isolation mounting systems for the most demanding environments. They provide solutions for your equipment's dynamic protection problems and are experts at quick-turn, affordable results.

Shock Tech is:

  • The premier designer & supplier for high energy shock mounts used in naval shipboard applications meeting

  • A leading designer & manufacturer of custom mounting solutions for guidance systems in aircraft, missiles & satellites.

  • Continually recognized by their customers with numerous quality and supplier achievement awards.

  • A company whose engineers, executives & managers have over 120 years combined experience in shock & vibration mount design you can depend on.


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Avionics Trays

Avionics trays from SHOCK TECH are designed and made with the same expertise and in the same facility as are our mounting systems .  This insures your trays are designed, manufactured and tested as a complete assembly and system.  This eliminates the guesswork as to what manufacturer's tray works with what manufacturer's mount for your specific application and platform.

Although they do make standard ATR and ARINC trays, most SHOCK TECH  trays are custom designed and manufactured for specific applications where unique geometry, additional robustness and demanding mount performance is required.

Shock Tech supplies the trays, the mounts, the hardware, analysis and the testing for a complete and qualified system.

  • Aircraft/Avionics Applications
  • Helicopter Applications
  • Rail and Light Rail Applications
  • Ground Vehicle Applications

  • Naval Shipboard and Submarine Applications


  • Rail and Light Rail Applications

  • Electronics mounted on Military Ground Vehicles

  • Avionic LRU’s, WRA’s on Military Aircraft

  • Electronics mounted in shelters, trailers or shells.

  • Off Road and Severe Environments of Heavy construction

  • Quickly removable electronics on Military or commercial ships.

Design Features Considered:

  • Weight, loading, and material constraints/goals

  • Tray environmental requirements (salt, humidity, etc.)

  • Size and space constraints

  • Tray dynamic shock and vibration performance

  • Mount requirements to attain optimal overall dynamic performance

  • Wiring and connector requirements

  • Cooling plenums and fans.

Custom Designed Mounts

When a standard design mount just will not do, engineers the world over come to SHOCK TECH.  We we offer custom engineered solutions for shock and vibration isolators and assemblies and are most well known by our customers for those solutions, in particular naval shipboard shock and guidance system mounting and suspension system designs.  Matched sets of isolators for very narrow frequency bandwidth performance is another area of SHOCK TECH expertise.

Given your Environmental and physical constraints with associated dynamic inputs (see below), we have the technical ability to provide you with a “payload ride” which is equal to or below (in energy inputs terms) your specified fragility level. The following provides you with a checklist of items which we can use to develop an isolation system meeting your requirements:

Environmental & Physical Issues:
  • Space available for mount.
  • Sway Space available.
  • Required mounting fasteners and locations.
  • Mounting orientation (shear, tension, compression).
  • Number of isolators required.
  • Load on each isolator.
  • Exposure to caustic fluids.
  • Flammability / smoke requirements.
  • Temperature


Dynamic Input Requirements:
  • Shock inputs (x, y, z and orientation of axes).
  • Vibration inputs: Random. (x, y, z & orientation of axes).
  • Vibration input: Sine (x, y, z & orientation of axes).
  • Static/quasi-static accelerations.
  • Temperature inputs while under dynamic inputs.


Fragility Levels:
  • Acceptable payload shock levels (specify level & axis if known)
  • Acceptable payload random vibration levels (specify axis & level if known).
  • Acceptable payload sine vibration levels (axis & level if known).
Design Features Considered:
  • Weight, loading, and material constraints/goals.
  • Environmental requirements (salt, humidity, etc.)
  • Size and space constraints.
  • Dynamic shock and vibration performance.
  • Mount requirements to attain optimal overall dynamic performance.
  • Wiring and connector requirements.
  • Cooling plenums and fans.

Skids and Pallet Mounts





Assembly Description:
  • Elastomer resilient element.
  • Metal base and top bars.
  • Metal end caps.

Load Carrying Description:

  • Designed to carry the primary static load axially through the mount in compression-roll of the resilient element
  • Designed to carry the radial (horizontal and longitudinal) loads in shear.

Dynamic Application:

  • Excellent shock attenuation of:
    • Flat drop.
    • Edge drop.
    • Corner drop.
  • Very good vibration isolation.
  • Mil grade performance for mobile shelters, pallets and containers.

Fail Safe/Self Captivating:

  • Made fail safe when used with the appropriate hardware or with a custom restraining strap made for the application.


  • Grounding across resilient element is achieved with appropriate grounding strap (can be same component as restraining strap).


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