At SVS-Engineering we specialize in the design/selection of products to control the effects of vibration, shock and seismic events. We have a wealth of experience in these areas, and would like the opportunity to share it with you.Picture of Housed Isolator

If your application is Military, we have significant experience designing elastomer isolators for missiles, tanks, aircraft and ground vehicles. We are familiar with sine and random vibration, as well as shock specifications. If your application is Industrial, we are experienced in engine, cab and radiator isolation - elastomeric or springs. Whether you need a custom design or assistance in selecting an isolator from among mount manufacturers, we can assist you.

For HVAC applications, we can help with base mounted spring isolators, or suspended equipment, piping and ductwork. If you are considering floating floors, we can help select and locate elastomer and spring jack-up systems, as well as design the concrete floor. Should you have a problem cooling tower, we can design a rugged frame and isolation system.



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Our core competencies are in the fields of Shock and Vibration Isolation, Noise and Thermal Control and Elastomeric Seals and Sealing Solutions.






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