Seismic Restraint

Building Codes have undergone remarkable changes in the past twenty years. Enforcement of the Seismic Provisions of the Codes is improving in many areas of the country, and will likely continue to improve.

SVS-Engineering provides full service Engineering support for the seismic restraint of mechanical and electrical equipment. This includes:

  • Floor mounted equipment, such as boilers, pumps, chillers, cooling towers, motor generators, and transformers;

  • wall mounted equipment, such as electrical panelboards; and

  • suspended equipment, including piping, ducting and conduit.

Picture of Cable Restraint Detail

IBC 2012 and IBC 2015 refer to ASCE 7, which states (para. 13.2.1):

Architectural, mechanical, and electrical components, supports, and attachments shall comply with the sections referenced in Table 13.2-1. These requirements shall be satisfied by one of the following methods:

  1. Project-specific design and documentation submitted for approval to the authority having jurisdiction after review and acceptance by a registered design professional.

  2. Submittal of the manufacturer’s certification that the component is seismically qualified by at least one of the following:

a.     Analysis, or

b.     Testing in accordance with the alternative set forth in Section 13.2.5, or

c.     Experience data in accordance with the alternative set for in Section 13.2.6

SVS-Engineering, Inc. can evaluate your equipment, recommend design improvements, and restrained isolation systems (if required), as well as provide an independent third party certification for your equipment. Analysis includes finite element analysis of critical areas of the equipment.Picture of a finite element model of a structural frame subjected to earthquake loads.



This is a finite element model of a structural frame subjected to earthquake loads.







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