Seismic Engineering

SVS-Engineering is an association of licensed Mechanical and Structural Engineers providing consulting services in the fields of Seismic Restraint, Vibration Control and Shock Absorption.  We engineer effective solutions based on a thorough knowledge of vibrations, shock and structural dynamics.

We have more than forty years’ experience controlling the effects of shock, vibration, structureborne noise and in seismic restraint.  

  Experience includes the following:

Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics

  • Noise and vibration control of nuclear and propulsion equipment on nuclear submarines

Barry Controls

  • Military Project Engineering and Materials & Processes

  • Design and Project Engineering of elastomer products for shock, vibration and structureborne noise. Shipboard, airborne and vehicular applications

Vibration Mountings & Controls / Korfund Dynamics / Aeroflex International

  • Spring mounts and hangers;

  • Curbs and structural frames for HVAC applications;

  • Floating floors;

  • Seismic applications;

  • Isolation and seismic restraint of electrical generating equipment;

  • Elastomer mounts for industrial applications; and,

  • Helical cable mounts for Military and Industrial high impact shock attenuation.

Fabreeka International

  • High impact shock absorption industrial applications

  • Active pneumatic isolation systems for metrology

Francis J. Andrews, P.E., is the Principal of SVS-Engineering.  He holds a BSME from Tufts University and an MSME from the University of Connecticut.  He is a licensed Engineer, and is a lecturer for the University of Wisconsin Seminar - "Rubber Product Design, FEA, and Testing."









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