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Custom Molded Products has been servicing customers since 1985 as a specification molder of castable polyurethanes and rubber molded parts.  CMP utilizes compression, transfer, open cast, and centrifugal cast molding.  CMP can formulate a polyurethane compound to meet your specifications and is also a custom compounder of elastomers of rubbers. CMP is ISO 9001:2000 certified.


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Custom Molded Polyurethane Products

Custom Molded Products is an industry leader in the field of Molded Polyurethanes.  CMP can mold Castable Polyurethanes to almost any geometric configuration by the use of hard or soft tooling.  Even severe undercuts are not a problem.  Castable Polyurethanes are most noted for their abrasion resistance and impact bearing capacity.  However, Castable Polyurethanes can also be used for products that require acoustical transparency such as transducers for both underwater and land-based applications.

Castable Polyurethane is the most commonly used elastomer when high levels of abrasion are present.  It is this abrasion resistance combined with high load and impact bearing capabilities that make castable polyurethane the material of choice for a number of applications.

Custom Molded Products (CMP) is a specification molder of these castable polyurethanes.  While most polyurethane molders only open cast polyurethane, CMP utilizes other methods such as compression, transfer, pressure and centrifugal cast molding.  The employment of these manufacturing techniques can eliminate the need for costly secondary operations.

Typical Molded Polyurethane Parts:

  • Feed Rollers

  • O-Rings

  • Wheels

  • Slurry Cones

  • Rods

  • Urethane Bonded to Metal

  • Tubing

  • Cams

Castable Polyurethane Molding Processes:

  • Open Casting

  • Compression Molding

  • Transfer Molding

  • Cetrifical Molding

  • Vacuum Oven Molding

  • Pressuring Vessel Molding

  • EFD Dispensing

  • Machine Urethane Parts

Rubber and Polyurethane Covered Rollers

Custom Molded Products, Inc. (CMP) is a custom compounder of elastomers formulated to meet even the most stringent requirements.  Utilization of all our technical resources combined with an engineered solutions approach to rubber compounding enables CMP to satisfy extremely demanding applications.

Precision OD grinding is an area of expertise that truly sets CMP apart from the competition.  CMP is no stranger to tight tolerances specified on many drawings.  OD tolerances are normally held to plus or minus .002 and TIR's of .0005 are an everyday occurrence at CMP.  Superior surface finishes are attained through various mechanical grinding methods as well as compound formulation.

Typical Elastomers:

  • Polyurethane

  • EPDM

  • Silicone

  • Hypolon

  • Nitrile

  • Nitrile/PVC

  • Natural

  • Neoprene

  • Butyl

  • Thiokol

  • Norserex

  • Buna N

Metal Part Fabrication

Custom Molded Products (CMP) strives to meet our philosophy of complete self reliance and control over every manufactured component of the customer's assembly.  Whether it is a roller core or a machined insert, CMP's in-house machining capabilities eliminates the high costs associated with out-sourcing.  The ability to manage internally previously subcontracted machined components allows CMP to more accurately forecast lead times and ensure on-time deliveries.  This mentality toward a complete in-house capability has enabled CMP to become the source for Rapid Prototyping while, at the same time, allowing our customers to buy a completely single-sourced assembly.  The manufacturing of our own tools and fixtures eliminates the problems encountered when out-sourcing frequently forgets secondary operation devices. 

Fabrication of screw machine and metal parts are available upon customer request.

Typical Metal Parts:

  • Roller Cores

  • Metal Inserts

  • Tools

  • Machined Plastics and Composite Inserts

  • O.D I.D. Bushings and Sleeves

  • Custom Machined Parts

  • Pulleys

  • Wheels

  • Fixtures

Facilities List:
Brown & Sharp #2
Brown & Sharp #10
Brown & Sharp #5
Cincinnati 15" X 48 " Grinder
Jet Lathe 8 hp. 6'
Harrison Lathe 50"
Harrison Lathe 30"
Harding CNC Lathe
ENCO 27" Lathe
1 Indicating Lathe

Bridgeport with Accessories
18" Autoclave
9' Autoclave
10 Curing Ovens - Various Sizes
8 Molding Presses 12" X 15"
2 Moldng Presses 18" X 18"
1 Molding Press 24 X 24"
1 Urethane Dispenser (Zenith)
2 Pressure Chambers
3 Vacuum Chanbers

Die Cut Products

Custom Molded Products (CMP) manufactures any gasket type, from common material standards, for any sealing problem.  CMP's facilities are available for making steel rule dies that yield extremely close tolerances. CMP's die cutting capabilities can be utilized to support small or large run quantities.  Die cutting is also an option for cost-effective rapid prototyping of parts that may be more efficiently produced by molding once the final design is set. Because of their large inventory, tooling costs are often eliminated.


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